First, we want to thank you, that you are interested in our Brand. But it’s not only a brand, it’s a lifestyle. The lifestyle we live every day. We didn’t think that so much people would give us so much love and respect for our vison. But the last months shows us that there are more bigboys out there than we tought.

To explain what bigboyshit is, is not really difficult. We are ironsoldiers on a mission. We know the directory, we fight every day. Never look back, never step back. Fight for your goals until you reach them. Our descision is total and forever. 100 percent focus on your goals.

We are no competitors, we are just heavy guys who train like there is no tomorrow and no limit. We eat as much as we want to. We beat us everyday again at the gym. We believe in Iron! We are honest and going to be the best man or woman we can be in this life. So nobody will shame on us, we do things right. And if you are agree with us, go get you a shirt in show it off.